shades-curtainsAutomated window coverings provide privacy and convenience. They are energy efficient and made out of the latest fabrics in a variety of styles including draperies, shades, or both.

  • Automated window coverings can be either shades, drapes or both. Motorized shades and drapes are not only convenient; they are environmentally friendly and attractive.
  • Automated window coverings help to save energy by reducing the heat in the summer and loss of warmth in the winter.
  • Automated shades can reduce glare and protect furniture and flooring from harmful U/V rays.
  • Motorized window coverings are available in a wide selection of fabric complementing any decor.


  • Roman shades or solar shades can reflect the heat and still allow the natural daylight to enter your home.
  • Specialty tracks can be used for straight and curved windows.
  • A wide variety of fabrics can be used including sheers and blackouts.
  • For windows where there is no room for stack, vertical draperies can still be used.
  • Combine draperies with vertical shades.

lutron-logoAutomated window coverings can be controlled remotely, or they can be set to function automatically, opening and closing appropriately. Almost any window can be fitted with a motorized window covering system. The shades can be opaque or translucent and set to allow the chosen amount of natural light in your home.

Motorized window coverings can be controlled by smart phones, smart pads, wall-mounted control stations, or sensors that monitor the light level, temperature, and time of day.

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