ProTech lighting systems will enable you to control both natural and artificial light throughout your home. Different rooms and different times of the day are suited to distinct types of light and distinctive amounts of lighting. In the kitchen, there may be under cabinet lighting, overhead lighting, in cabinet lighting, food preparation lighting, and on occasion lighting for dining.

kitchenProTech will allow you to create lighting scenes based on intended activities.
For example lighted scenes can be created for:

  • Reading
  • Partying
  • Watching the game
  • Food prep
  • Cooking
  • Dining
  • Light the path to the bedroom

Additional Lighted Scenes:

  • Dim whole house lighting
  • Automatically turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
  • Automatically control window coverings to maintain the interior temperature
  • Wirelessly connect security system to a lighting system

With an automated lighting system by ProTech, you can adjust your home's lighting to match the time of day or your current mood. Settings can be adjusted by exterior light, and they can be set to light a room automatically when the system senses your approach. When you change your mind, it's easy to override these system settings with your smart pad or smart phone.

Wireless systems and sensors have significantly reduced the cost and programming of ProTech’s custom lighting services.