Maybe you have had a passing interest in home automation, or maybe not. Either way you will enjoy controlling your home with the same ease as your television. The ability to control your internet, sound, heating and air, security systems and more with the touch of a button provides a sense of security and control. If you want, you can even control your systems from the internet.

Elan g! and their partners provide integrated home automation products. These systems use uniform connections which make the Elan g! platform your best choice in home automation. Focusing on climate, entertainment, lighting, security, irrigation and emerging technology, your Elan g! System is a safe and dependable foundation for your Smart Home control center.

Smart Home controls allow you to shape the way your home responds to you. If you like to sleep in a dark bedroom and be awakened by the lights slowly intensifying, you got it! If you like to listen to the news as you are getting dressed, you got it! If you want the smell of fresh coffee greeting you as you enter the kitchen, you got it!

  • Access your home's dashboard
  • Check the weather and traffic cams before leaving the house
  • Configure with the features you want right here
  • Everything at your fingertips

Most people think of a Smart Home as only a home entertainment system and entertainment is one of its services. Elan g! will store your movies and music and provide access to them from any room in your home. Television and sound systems can also stream any music streaming service you currently enjoy.

  • Enjoy audiophile sound for music, movies, TV
  • One touch control of your home theater
  • Watch what you want, when you want, where you want
  • A whole new music and movie experience

When a sensor is tripped, your security system can be enhanced to turn on your indoor lights and make your outdoor lights flash. Your security system will already call the monitoring service. You can add phone calls to your office, neighbors, family, friends, and capture video of any movement in your home. After the sensor has been reset, if you choose, you can enable your system both locally and remotely.

  • Elegant interface with instant feedback
  • Lock or unlock doors with your iPhone
  • Make the house look lived in even when you are not home
  • Close the garage door from the couch

Home comfort and energy usage systems are integrated to provide both a green home and a comfortable home. Elan g! provides a record of your energy consumption allowing you to make informed energy choices.

  • Keep an eye on the utility bill without working at it
  • Turn up the heat before you get home from a trip
  • Remotely access and control your vacation home

As we go to bed most of us turn off indoor lights, close shades, lock doors and set alarms. The Elan g! can do these tasks with the touch of a button or, if you prefer, on a timed schedule. With the touch of a few buttons any room can have romantic or party lighting. Outdoor lighting can also be easily scheduled or controlled.

  • Adjust lighting with one press
  • Set the mood with special lighting
  • Control lighting while you are away
  • Bright ideas to help you live better

Elan g! makes lawn irrigation systems easy for you to control. If you wish, your landscape company can manage your lawn's water needs. Settings are available to match any schedule of water rationing.

  • Conserve water with custom scheduling
  • Automatically adjust for rain and seasons from your sofa
  • Remote access for landscapers

Elan g! can be your personal assistant taking charge of your email and home telephone messages. Each family member can have their own private phone mail box and email response service. Alerts can be sent to the appropriate computer or smart phone informing you of the personal assistant's recent activities.

  • Integrated voicemail, caller ID & call history
  • Custom mailboxes and greetings
  • Outgoing alerts via phone, SMS or email
  • Get alerts on your phone or email

The video system is set to only record movement and save what is recorded for future reference. Whether you are checking the front or back door; looking to see who is in the garage or driveway; you will be safe as you view your home from any device at home, at work or from any place you have an internet connection anywhere in the world.

  • See who is at the front door
  • Camera features such as pan, tilt and zoom
  • Look around your home from anywhere in the world!
  • Keep tabs on your vacation home

You can monitor and schedule the swimming pools health, and water level. Then you can turn on the water feature and adjust its lighting. The hot tub and sauna can be ready just in time, conserving energy and increasing your comfort.

  • Control all pool features, set temperature and lighting for when you arrive home
  • Monitor pool "health"
  • Adjust scheduling to conserve energy
  • Stay green while cooling off for Summer and warming up in the Winter

Pictures stored on your computer, smart phone, usb drive, or camera can become a rotating slide show. They are best watched with your favorite music playing in the background. Family and friends enjoy reliving these fun times while exchanging the stories that make our lives personal.

  • View a slideshow on your TV
  • Turn any touchscreen into a digital picture frame
  • Organize your pictures

In addition to all these features, with the Elan g! Entertainment and Control System you can receive smart alerts anytime the temperature drops suddenly or dangerously low. You can also receive alerts when pipes freeze or water leaks from pipes. Have a smart fire alarm that automatically shuts down HVAC, turns on hallway lights and flashes exterior lighting. The Elan g! Entertainment and Control System can be configured to do as much or as little as you want. Plus, it is easy to add control, as needed, in the future.

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