dirt-devil-picADirtDevil-logo whole house or central vacuum system is:

  • Quiet
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to store
  • Filters and removes 100% of the allergens and dust
  • Light weight, easy to move hose

A whole house, built-in vacuum system is five times as powerful as a canister vacuum and, with proper maintenance, will last about four times as long as a standard vacuum.

A central vacuum completely removes dust and allergens from your home carrying them to an exterior location, often the garage, preventing the re-pollution your home.

The central system is activated by plugging the light-weight hose into a conveniently placed wall port, and it is deactivated when you unplug your hose from the flush installed port. The hose can be stored in a convenient box or hung on a special wall mount.

Your whole-house vacuum system is energy-efficient and designed to last for more than twenty years. It is intended to complement any home automation system. The motor is extremely efficient with about five times as much power as a standard upright or canister vacuum while using the same amount of energy.