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When you combine the benefits of HD satellite TV with HD audio, you’ve got DIRECTV. Consumers, meaning our customers, have consistently rated DIRECTV the highest of all services for the past ten years.

Your DIRECTV satellite streams a high-quality signal to your television; any room with a flat-screen TV becomes the “Media Room."

When you order DIRECTV, you get worry-free and fast installation, and it is as simple if not easier than the installation of Cable or DSL. Even if you currently have a different service, installing DIRECTV is fast and easy.

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DIRECTV goes wherever you go

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Experience full HD DVR service in every room of your home, with just one HD DVR. Record any 5 shows at once DIRECTV partners with top names in Internet and phone. Call 806-863-2056 today for the best bundled services Watch your favorite movies and shows on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone - anywhere you happen to be. If you want the best entertainment experience for your money, you won't get it from DISH or cable. You need DIRECTV.

Installation Process:

  • Secure satellite dish to roof, balcony or outside wall facing our transmitting satellite.
  • Run cable to connect your telephone line to your new dish.
  • Connect the cable to your new digital receiver.
  • Connect a new digital receiver to each of your TVs, DVDs or VCRs.
  • Program your remote.
  • Be certain you are given instructions on activating and operating your new DIRECTV satellite system.

One satellite dish will serve up to 6 receivers in 6 different rooms.

  • Local channels are programmed into every receiver.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound™ is standard.
  • The picture is HD Blu-ray™ quality.
  • DIRECTV’s service is available in rural areas.
  • DIRECTV has the most full-time HD channels.
  • DIRECTV has the most sports, with all NFL games.
  • You can program your DVR from any mobile phone or computer.

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