officeCustom designed audio and video systems will improve your ability to communicate with your staff and customers. Whether you are reviewing a website or giving a presentation to potential clients, ProTech will design a state-of-the-art audio/video (A/V) system for your business. ProTech designs each system to work intuitively and consistently.

Conference and meeting rooms take a variety of shapes, which are influenced significantly by the business of your business. You may need a presentation room, a corporate meeting room, a boardroom or conference room; and Pro Tech can evaluate your needs and desires, designing a system to meet those needs. A/V conferencing systems are designed to increase communications and your corporation’s bottom line.

ProTech designed A/V systems integrate with a variety of current technologies, which will make teleconferencing and remote demonstrations standard. These systems have the potential to decrease your corporate travel costs. Regardless of whether your engineers are required to talk to manufacturing people in China or your sales manager needs to talk to representatives in Austin; we can design a system that will meet your needs.